Our suggestions

We hope you liked the little display of the food we have on offer. All of the things we prepare can be enjoyed (and ordered) on their own. See our price list for a full overview. But a combination brings out the best. To assist in your choices from among the Asian delights we offer, we list some combination suggestions below. Feel free to add or subtract or combine something entirely different.

The hot lunch…

… Or dinner! The Malaysian national dish, Nasi Lemak, can be enjoyed any time of day. It is rice boiled in coconut milk, served with a meat or fish curry, fried ansjovies, roasted peanuts, cucumber, sambal and a hard-boiled egg.  Combined with the spicy-but-refreshing Acar it covers a broad range of flavours. Excellent for lunch buffets or picknick.

nasi lemak acar

The high tea package

A slightly more subtle combo, this makes a perfect afternoon party. A tasty combination of treats ranging from spicy to mild to sweet. Pie tee, pulut panggang, Acar, chai kuih, pandan cake and “O” kuih together nicely fill a lazy, chatty afternoon.

high tea collage small






Satay and all that

Garden party without having to do any barbecueing? Combine skewers of satay (pork, chicken, anything) with rice and any of our dumplings if desired

A Chinese Buffet

It might be like this: Start with tofu-vegetable soup, continue with the fish-in-steamed-bun (man tou yu) and  drunken chicken, pause for the spring rolls, make sure you have some of our vegetables (fried lotus, mushroom in crab sauce), before you finish off with sweet “tang shui” dessert soup and a piece of pandan cake. All this served with noodles and rice.

chinese buffet collage small







A Malaysian buffet

Of course the rice boiled in coconut milk is the key staple here, and we propose to combine with the Malaysian satay, curry ribs and fried vegetables with chili. You can cool down your palate with our sweet deserts such as bubur cha cha (sweet tapioca soup) and any of our cakes.

Reception bites

For your receptions or events, we suggest the following combinations. The sweet sets do well with coffee or tea, the savoury set is excellent for late afternoon or pre-dinner settings.

We suggest a sweet set with tasty pineapple rolls, fluffy kuih bahalu and egg tartlets.

reception sweet collage small






The savory set – spring rolls, fried won ton, pie tee, barbecued meat pastries – is excellent pre-dinner or as snack.

reception savory collage small