Dumplings and Kuih

DSC01118Dumplings? That could be just about any Malaysian food that comes in a little package, of leaves or dough. Sometimes these are called Kuih (pronounced “Kwey”). Why exactly? That we don’t know, but that is not important.  Sweet to savoury, the nonya kuih are a real treat. Lunch and tea, at a reception, on-the-go or in good company, these delicious pastries makes the occasion just a bit more special. Scroll this page, for old-time favorites such as spring rolls and pie tee, and surprises such as kuih koci and bak zhang. Find the full list in pdf here.

The sweet angku kuih (top left)  is typically handed out to celebrate a newborn, but can beO kuih enjoyed any time. The chai kuih (the white ones top right) is a delicate package of meat and vegetables. “O”  kuih (picture on the right) is a savoury  taro cake sprinkled with lightly-spicy vegetables.






The kuih koci is a sweet kuih wrapped in banana leave. The filling is made of coconut and “Gula Melaka”, Malaysian palm sugar.

kuih koci

The best-known food-in-a-wrap is certainly the spring roll or lumpia. springroll ribbon 2We make them not too small, otherwise it is finished just when you start to really appreciate the taste of the rich meat-and-carrot mixture inside.

Always a nice treat is the Pie Tee: a crunchy cup filled with a mixture of shrimp, ground chicken, five-spice tofu and vegetables.pie tee small






Pulut Panggang is a spicy package wrapped in a banana leaf. The dumpling contains sticky rice and a spicy mixture of dried shrimp sambal.pulut panggang double

The Nyonya Zhang (picture below) is a sweet-yet-salty dumpling (wrapped in a bamboo leaf) made of sticky rice, candied melon, ground chicken and lots of spices.   The savory Bak Zhang, also in bamboo leaf, has sticky rice, pork, Chinese mushroom, chestnut, mung beans and dried shrimp.nyonya zhang inside


Barbecued meat pastries are originally based on pork. We make them with pork, chicken and about any other meat depending on preference and availability. This is excellent reception finger food – and it does not crumble!

chicken in sesame jacket ribbon

Just as well suited for receptions as the barbecued meat pastries are the fried won tons, indeed the very same won tons as in the traditional Chinese soup. We make them ourselves, with meat and vegetables, and hence can tailor them to all preferences.

fried won ton - mp's own