Meals and Dishes

Here is where a lot comes together!

Malay, Indian and Chinese culinary traditions can be combined into some of the best dishes Malaysia has to offer. We have a wide range of Malaysian, Singaporean and Chinese dishes (e-mail us here for a full menu, or check our price list), from beef rendang to Penang laksa and from curry ribs to Asam prawns. Keep an eye on this page to see the number of pictures grow!

The nasi lemak is an all-Malaysian favorite: coconut rice, sambal, dried ansjovies, curry chicken, roasted peanuts and hardboiled egg. nasi lemak small

The dish combines nicely with Acar, a spicy mix of vegetables marinated in vinegar. acar


An excellent buffet bite is the Chinese fish sandwich. A mildly sweet marinated fish fillet with cucumber wrapped in a steamed bun. The stuff people do a third run for! fish sandwich






The spicy end of a lunch or dinner party: the curry ribs. curry ribs